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Inform 7 Extensions: Real-Time Delays by Erik Temple

Here’s a technical question I’m floating around several forums, so I thought I’d post here as well.

My scenario is simple. When the player moves from one location to another, I want a bit of travel description to be displayed before the new location name is revealed. That’s easy enough to do with the following code:


That results in the following output:



However, I want to pause momentarily after the first part of the description, before the location name come up (after the sentence, “Though the path is winding, it keeps heading generally to the south.”) To accomplish this, I’ve opted to use Erik Temple’s Real-Time Delays extension to Inform 7. Unfortunately, I keep getting an error. Below is the full code and the program output:


And here is the output:


The question is, what’s the cause of the Fatal Error? I’ve checked and elsewhere on the Internet, but I find nothing directly relevant. So I’ll put the questions to the readers here, and if anyone has a solution, please feel free to post it here or message me!